Reducing Cart Abandonment: Impact, Reasons & Solutions

May 16, 2024
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Few situations in e-Commerce are more challenging for business owners than the dreaded phenomenon of abandoned shopping carts.

Picture yourself, an e-Commerce business owner who successfully attracts potential customers to your store. These customers not only visit but also appreciate your products and offers, initiating their shopping journeys by adding items to their carts.

However, the trouble arises when these initially excited customers, just one step away from checkout, mysteriously change their minds. They halt the shopping process right before completion, leaving their shopping carts abandoned.

It's understandable that business owners may feel disappointed and frustrated, questioning various aspects of their business. The good news is that cart abandonment phenomena isn't as complex as it may seem.

In this blog post, we will explore the impact of cart abandonment on e-Commerce businesses, delve into the common reasons for buyer abandonment, and provide business owners with practical and effective strategies to minimize cart abandonment rates.

Why Worry About Abandoned Carts?

BigCommerce reports that e-Commerce stores lose a staggering $18 billion in sales revenue each year due to cart abandonment. Moreover, 70% of buyers who ultimately leave shopping websites without completing their purchase. Here’s how cart abandonment could impact your business:

1. Potential Customers Lost

Acquiring and converting customers stands as the top priority for e-Commerce businesses. Yet, cart abandonment proves a significant obstacle, resulting in the loss of potential customers and elevated acquisition costs. Consequently, this diminishes marketing ROI and poses a threat to overall profitability.

2. Customers’ Lifetime-Value (CLV) Lost

Abandoned carts prevent you from building valuable, long-term customer relationships. Not only do you miss an immediate sale, but you also lose the opportunity to convert them into repeat buyers who spend more and cost less to market to, ultimately lowering their potential Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

3. Product Availability Issues

When a potential customer adds items to their shopping cart, these items are temporarily reserved, making them unavailable for others. While this is typically not an issue, it becomes critical when these customers abandon their carts, potentially preventing other consumers from ordering their desired products.

Why Do Consumers Abandon Their Carts?

There a number of reasons why business owners might face the unfortunate and undesired situation of their customers abandoning carts, and here are the most common reasons to keep in mind:

1. Website’s Performance

This stands out as the primary reason customers abandon their carts. When an initially enthusiastic customer encounters frustration or annoyance in the shopping process, they are more likely to abandon their carts.

For instance, a slow website loading speed prompts around 90% of customers to abandon their carts. Other irritations include complicated navigation, annoying pop-ups, and frequent glitches or errors.

2. The Checkout Process

The checkout process itself stands out as a pivotal factor in cart abandonment. Once customers finish adding items to their carts and advance to checkout, several factors may prompt them to abandon their carts at the final stage.

For example, Forter notes that if the checkout process exceeds 30 seconds, 50% of customers may abandon their carts, and PayPal estimates that 59% of consumers have abandoned carts when their preferred payment method was unavailable.

3. Prices and Fees

Another prevalent non-technical factor prompting customers to reconsider their purchasing decisions is pricing. For instance, customers might discover comparable products at lower prices from competitors.

Additionally, at the checkout stage, shipping and/or processing fees can contribute to cart abandonment if customers perceive them as unreasonable or inconvenient.

4. Trust Issues

If you don’t give your potential customers enough reasons to trust your store and feel comfortable and secure in completing their purchases, they might easily be inclined to abandon their carts and shop elsewhere more securely.

For instance, e-Commerce stores without essential security features like SSL certificates, or those with unclear information, unprofessional branding, or questionable reviews, might spell a recipe for disaster.

How to Keep Cart Abandonment at Bay!

Here are proven and actionable methods you can implement today to significantly reduce your cart abandonment rates and encourage your consumers to successfully complete their orders:

1. Streamline the Checkout Process:

To minimize your cart abandonment rates, it's vital to focus on streamlining your checkout process, incorporating features like guest checkout.

Make the process painless, speedy, and hassle-free for customers, ensuring they have no additional reasons to reconsider their purchase.

2. Be Transparent about your prices

Prices play a pivotal role in customers’ acquisition and conversion, impacting your cart abandonment rates.

The best approach is to prioritize transparency in your pricing models. Be forthcoming about shipping costs and hidden fees like taxes to avoid surprising potential customers.

3. Optimize Your Website

Given that a significant portion of cart abandonment is linked to technical factors, prioritizing your website's technical aspects is crucial.

Focus on optimizing loading speed, trimming your website’s copy, ensuring seamless navigation and users experiences (UX), and expediting the checkout process.

4. Leverage Social Proof

As part of a larger trust-building strategy, e-commerce business owners can wonderfully multiply their conversion rates and slash cart abandonment rates through the power of social proof.

By experimenting with the addition of authentic customer reviews to product pages, you can increase your potential customers’ sense of trust and security.

5. Utilize Shopping Incentives

Statistics reveal that 79% are more likely to shop online with available free shipping, and 78% are willing to spend more for it. Offering free shipping is a powerful method to boost conversions and curb abandonment rates.

Additionally, a generous return policy can convince hesitant buyers to complete orders confidently. It’s worth experimenting with various incentives relevant to your target audience, industry, and products.

6. Offer Diverse Payment Options

With over 40% of shoppers inclined to abandon carts when their preferred payment option is unavailable, incorporating multiple payment choices in your store becomes a no-brainer.

Some customers are more likely to place larger orders with "Buy Now, Pay Later" options, while others favor traditional Cash-On-Delivery. The absence of these options may compromise their shopping decisions.

7. Retarget for Success

A single cart abandonment doesn't mean your customer won't return. Retargeting is a powerful tool, with 77% of marketers effectively using it to bring customers back for completed purchases.

Often, customers abandon carts casually due to a lack of interest or distractions. Utilizing retargeting campaigns via social media channels or email can bring back more than 26% of shoppers to your website.

While it's evident there's no singular cause for cart abandonment, and no magical solution to eradicate it entirely, there are actionable strategies to reduce abandonment rates and boost conversions in your e-Commerce store.

Putting your customer first in every aspect of your store is essential. Instead of fixating on minor details to prevent cart abandonment, focus on an overall strategy.

By adopting this approach, you can easily enhance various aspects of your e-Commerce store from the consumer's viewpoint.

The more seamless and enjoyable the customer experience, the less likely they are to abandon their carts. In a world with over 26.5 million e-Commerce websites, providing more than just a good experience and quality products is key.

Innovation, competitive edges, and creative thinking are essential to distinguish your store and deliver an outstanding experience to customers.

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