Third-party Logistics - 3PL

As your 3PL partner, we offer warehousing,  inventory management, and transportation services.
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Top-rated Third-party Logistics Provider in the GCC.
Yards Capacity
Owned CBM

Warehousing and Distribution

Our state-of-the-art warehouses are strategically located to ensure timely and cost-effective distribution of your products.
3PL  solution created and designed with your business needs in mind, through our solution design team.
Recommendations and ideas are shared to develop and implement the best operational model for your business.
Pre-aligned SLAs and workflows prior to going live to ensure all operational and commercial considerations are aligned and implemented collaboratively.

Multi-temperature Storage

All temperature requirements are under one roof to ensure smooth operations.
We offer ambient, chilled, and storage solutions across all sites, nationwide.
24/7 operations available.
All our sites are SFDA and ISO Certified.
All storage and handling activities are managed through a Warehouse Management System (WMS) with easy integration.

Final Mile Delivery

We offer a full range of transportation solutions including international cross-border freight and temperature-controlled services.
We own over 250 last-mile temperature-controlled vehicles to cater for all kinds of needs.
Expertise and experience delivery to all delivery points, including but not limited to retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, and Independent Stores.  
All our fleet are equipment with GPS and Temperature loggers.
Journeys and routes are managed and controlled through our Transport Management System (TMS).

Data Analytics and Insights

We prioritize open communication, transparency, and a robust customer-centric approach.
Automated bespoke daily push reports illustrating all key metrics for operational performance and Goods management.
Dashboards and Insights for continuous improvements on service through Power BI on service levels and operational performance.
Monthly and Quarterly Business Reviews to ensure long-term and sustainable solutions and your strategic business direction is part of the day-to-day engagement.

Manage Dock Schedules

We offer a huge fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles to cater for all kinds of needs.
Ability to store various temperatures under one roof
B2B Fulfilment and eCommerce under one roof allowing for resource flexibility across seasons

Pick, Pack, Load & Manifest

Oracle Order & Transport Management
Ease of Integration between B2B Systems
Order Status Tracking End to End
FIFO an FEFO along with customizable customer rules and ATP
Multi Warehouse Order Management

Multi-temperature Storage

We offer frozen, ambient & chilled storage solutions
SFDA and ISO Certified
Warehouse Management System (WMS) with easy integration

Analyze Performance

Bespoke reports
Dashboards and Insights for continuous improvements on Service through Power BI
Master data management is key to a successful customer experience, our team will support with visibility of your data so you can make informed decisions proactively

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